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With the understanding of the importance of Pharmaceutical products and medical equipment, we have created a stringent policy for strict adherence by our partners and SwiftMedicals.com. We ensure that at every stage of the value chain, the importance of the quality of the item is clearly understood by our partners.

We ensure that we partner with only firms that have been certified by NAFDAC and other regulatory bodies, and who have a commendable track record. We are dedicated to create end-to-end value chain benefits for customers, therefore, all products are gotten from the Manufacturers or their representatives, Importers, Original Equipment Manufacturers or their sole representatives and  firm that are at the top of the supply chain.

This means, when you purchase from our SwiftMedicals.com, you are purchasing directly from the firm that has the right to manufacture, package or sell that product in Nigeria.  This reduces to the barest minimum, the chance of getting any fake or adulterated item from us.

Any product that is to be shipped to a customer,  is signed off before sealing by our competent Quality Control team.

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