SwiftMedicals.com is an online healthcare hub where certified vendors and customers share a common portal for business transactions. The company was founded by a group of healthcare professionals who believe in creating value in the healthcare sector while improving on acceptable efficiency in service delivery and placing customer experience as priority.

The managing company, which is Tokiye Integrated Medical Services Ltd, is a healthcare company with experience in healthcare supply chain administration and proper healthcare information management. The key features of SwiftMedicals.com brand are seen in its logo, which are Efficiency, People and Value.

Efficiency in service delivery is key especially in the healthcare sector where every second counts; a dependable and accessible service framework will improve on the quality of healthcare delivered. People-focus has always been a watchword in the design of our policy and operational processes, this is not just for our customers but also our employees and partners.

Value is based on the level of utility a customer finds in a particular solution. We create emphasis on cost control measures that reduce wastage and ensure the final cost to the customer is properly managed. We provide our services with a guarantee, which includes quality assurance, reliable delivery, and a customer service that bridges the gap between customers’ expectation and perception.

As can be seen on the site, the range of products and services offered goes beyond Pharmaceuticals, and the definition of customer goes wider than individuals to include businesses also. We proffer a healthcare solution via a healthcare hub that allows for the needs of vendors, businesses and individuals who seek value in the healthcare sector to meet and greet, with an assurance of operational capacity of the hosting firm, SwiftMedicals.com.

We pay particular attention to the ethics and regulations that surround this highly specialized sector, and do our best to ensure this policy is transferred to all our partners.

We are constantly evolving the system to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and partners, and your feedback is highly appreciated. We hope to meet your healthcare needs as we strive to create more confidence in the healthcare industry in Nigeria. Join us on this journey as we partner for healthy living!

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